" ... they did everything they possibly could to make me feel comfortable in such a professional and compassionate way ..." 

from a grateful patient

We are an all volunteer organization, completely dependent on donations and fund raisers. Unlike many Fire and First Aid organizations, we receive no funding from the municipal tax base and we never charge for our services. All donations are greatly appreciated and put to use providing emergency care for the people of New Vernon -- those who live here, those who work here and those passing through.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation the next time you receive one of our Annual Funds Drive requests or any time at your convenience by sending a check to:

New Vernon Volunteer Fire Department

PO Box 143 Village Road
New Vernon, NJ 07976-0143

Or you can contribute using


Special Bequests and Gifts

If you're thinking of making a special gift, we'll be delighted to work with you on the particulars. Please contact the NVVFD President or Treasurer here.

NVVFD- Tax ID and Non-Profit Status

New Vernon Volunteer Fire Department is a non-profit corporation and is tax exempt.

Donations to NVVFD qualify as deductable.

NVVFD Tax ID is 22-6053492

Is NVVFD a 501(c)3?

  • No. NVVFD is a 501(c)4 as specified by the IRS.
  • We often get the question, why are we a 501(c)4, not a 501(c)3. The answer is that the IRS specifies Volunteer Fire Companies as 501(c)4, so when NVVFD was formed in 1925, that is the designation that was applied. 501(c)4's are "Social Welfare Organizations" and "Volunteer Fire Companies" are specifically listed as 501(c)4 organizations.

Are Donations Deductable?

  • Yes. According to the IRS Code for 501(c)4's,
    • "Donations to volunteer fire companies are deductible as charitable contributions on the donor’s federal income tax return, but only if made for exclusively public purposes"
    • All funds received by NVVFD are used exclusively for public purposes. NVVFD has no paid employees, does not lobby or participate in political process. All funds are utilized to equip, train and operate the NVVFD for it's primary purpose which is providing fire, ems and rescue services to those in our response area.
    • NVVFD does not charge for services and there is no connection between donation status and emergency responses. Indeed, NVVFD responders generally have no idea if a particular individual has donated.

Here is some further information from the IRS website:


Upcoming Events

Mon May 25 @ 9:00AM
Memorial Parade
Fri Jun 05 @ 6:00PM
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