The Water Committee of the Fire Department works with individuals and community groups to ensure that selected ponds are dredged and safe access provided to fire trucks in case of an emergency. Cisterns are encouraged as there are very few fire hydrants in the Township.

Dry Fire hydrants have been placed at strategic locations for the Fire Department to use a pumper truck to pump water from ponds, through the hydrants, to another pumper truck in order to put out fires. In addition, some community groups have joined together to put in cisterns or special pool hook-ups to allow for quicker access to water to fight fires.

It’s easy to forget that we don’t have instant access to water like towns that have water from Utility companies. It requires forethought on the part of those that want to help us protect our homes. The extensive planning by the Fire Department and the Town will help ensure the protection of homes, and in some cases may reduce insurance costs to individual homeowners.

If you are contacted by the Water Committee, please consider installing cisterns to help in the efforts to put out fires quickly and safely.

For information about hydrants, cisterns or water sources, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.